5 Signs Your Business Needs Text Message Archiving Software

Communicating via text message has changed the way businesses exchange information. The speed and accessibility contributed significantly to the increase in productivity, but does the benefit come with a condition?

While enjoying the advantages of instant chats, some business owners are unaware of text messaging compliance requirements. Regulatory bodies like the SEC, HIPAA, FINRA, and Europe’s GDPR oversee official communications and may give penalties to violators.

Businesses use third-party software for archived messages to protect themselves. But what are the signs you need to invest in archiving solutions now?

Below is the list of five signs you need to look out for:

1. Compliance Issues

As mentioned, text messages are highly regulated by various agencies. One of their requirements is for companies to own a record of all conversations sent to and from the company to ensure security and transparency.

Heavy sanctions await businesses that neglect or refuse to comply with the mandated requirements, especially those belonging to the healthcare, financial, government, and education sectors.

Regardless of whether you belong to those sectors, you must have an archiving solution for compliance.

2. Data Security Concerns

Many businesses feel confident sending confidential information through text messages since most platforms offer end-to-end encryption and password locks. However, various threats still pose significant risks to the company’s integrity.

If your business deals with sensitive information and sends them via text messages, consider getting an archive. Messaging archives can secure and protect vital information from getting stolen or manipulated.

3. E-Discovery Requirements

These days, digital information is also considered as evidence for legal proceedings. A company without an archive may face trouble if it fails to present the necessary records documenting its daily conversations when demanded by the court.

Invest immediately in text message archive software to save your company from unwanted consequences when facing legal action. These tools instantly capture and store conversations from all senders and recipients, which you can use for emergencies.

4. Risk Mitigation

Are you worried about the many risks that threaten your company’s survivability?

Leveraging powerful text message archives helps reduce data loss risks, employee misconduct, and disputes. Besides record-keeping, archives can deter unethical messaging habits by monitoring conversations.

5. Business Growth

The more your business grows, the bigger the need for mobile communication. This means more senders and recipients and larger chances of violations.

As your company grows bigger and relies heavily on mobile messages for official communication, we highly recommend investing in a trusted third-party archive to enhance monitoring, security, and transparent and precise record-keeping.

A Powerful Tool for Responsible Communications

LeapXpert has served dozens of clients by offering a comprehensive archiving solution for various communication platforms. Enhance your security today and achieve ultimate compliance when you partner with LeapXpert. Visit their website for a free demo.

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