All you need to know about Postal Validation 

All About Postal Validation - 2022 Guide - World Magazine 2022

Postal validation is a procedure that includes checking the validity and verifying a postal address for accurate delivery of mails. The main chore is to make sure that the ZIP code is correct and it matches the address location. According to the United States, Postal Services-an address is mailable if it is certified by CASS which in short means that it exists within the thorough list of valid mailable addresses in their Address Management System.

Basis of origin

Sometimes the emails are sent to the incorrect person to an undeliverable address which in return consumes time and money. Also, if you want to send it again it requires payment for fresh postage. So, to avoid these costly scenarios, post validation was initiated or originated for the benefit of one.


  • It improves the deliverability by validating postcodes before the time of delivering letters. 
  • It removes all duplicate addresses from a standardized address. 
  • It ensures that the letter is delivered at the right time and correct address. 
  • It minimizes delivery delays and avoids time consumption. 
  • There is no need to manually double-check the addresses. 
  • It improves the effectiveness which in return makes your work easier.

Delivery point

It is a final destination where mail is delivered by the postal service. It can be categorized among a PO box, a mailbox, or a mail slot.  

Delivery points vary with the street addresses. A single street may consist of several delivery points. USPS provides a unique 11-digit number to identify delivery points. The number consists of the delivery point’s nine-digit ZIP+4 code and also an extra two digits which narrow the destination to the delivery point. Then it is converted into a barcode which is pasted on the envelope.  

Delivery Point Validation

It provides the highest accuracy in checking the mailing addresses. In this process, to ensure an active delivery point the address is checked from the USPS Address management System data file. Companies are allotted to perform DPV-verification which is certified by the USPS. Also, when you provide an address for DPV the address is formatted by USPS standards followed by ZIP+4 DPV which speeds up the procedure and qualifies mails for bulk mailing discounts.


  • In the postal data file, it should match a legitimate postcode. 
  • The city or town in address must be represented accurately by the postal code. 
  • Complete details of the postal address must be ensured.


In today’s busy world validating shipping has become so essential for various reasons- mainly time and money consumption. It is very important. It prevents shipments from arriving at the wrong destination. It also acts as an aid in e-commerce. Also, for firms, it has become so helpful as it allows for the quick identification of clients’ geographic regions. It helps to improve customer satisfaction and also improves marketing strategy. It enhances the goodwill of a company. Moreover, it also helps to determine the optimal site for a new retail store based on demographics. It is the safest and the most secure way.

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