CBD Oil: Benefits You Didn’t Know

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a way to both treat and relax the body, but many people don’t know the many incredible benefits of Top 5 CBD Oil Brands is capable of. A lot of people are now going green with cannabidiol, and more and more Colorado residents are turning to CBD oil for all sorts of conditions.

The easiest way to understand how this new health trend can be beneficial is by looking at some of the most common benefits associated with CBD oil use: Chronic pain relief, nausea reduction, improved sleep quality, cancer prevention, inflammation reduction.

CBD and chronic pain

Cannabis users have long touted the effectiveness of this natural health product in treating chronic pain, and scientific research has recently been able to verify the reason behind its effectiveness. Cannabidiol interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to decrease sensitivity to pain, as well as reduce inflammation. This means that CBD oil can be used to not only treat chronic pain, but also prevent further pain from occurring. Recommended dosage for chronic pain is 25mg of CBD oil per day.

CBD and nausea reduction

Cannabidiol has long been known as an effective nausea reducer. It doesn’t just reduce nausea, but also causes a reduction in vomiting. Several studies have showed that CBD oil can successfully be used to prevent the feeling of nausea, and it is believed that the anti-emetic properties are what makes cannabidiol so effective against this illness. The same study found that cannabidiol is also effective in treating other forms of headaches and migraines, such as cluster headaches. Recommended dosage for nausea and vomiting is 25mg of CBD oil per day at regular intervals throughout the day.

CBD and improved sleep quality

Cannabis is well known for its relaxing effects, which is why it is so often seen being used at night. The cannabinoid found in cannabis responsible for many of these effects is CBD. Unlike other common cannabis constituents, cannabidiol does not cause any euphoria or “high”, which makes it perfect for use as a sleeping aid. Another study found that CBD oil significantly increased total sleep time and reduced insomnia in individuals suffering from fibromyalgia. Recommended dosage for better sleep is 25mg of CBD oil per day at regular intervals throughout the day.

CBD and cancer prevention

Another significant benefit associated with CBD oil use is its ability to help prevent cancer. CBD has powerful anti-tumor properties, and the American Cancer Society recently announced that this natural health product could be used as an effective way to prevent cancer from spreading. It is thought that CBD blocks the ability of cancer cells to divide and metastasize, which means that it effectively prevents cancer from spreading throughout the body. Recommended dosage for preventing cancer is 25mg of CBD oil per day at regular intervals throughout the day.

CBD and inflammation reduction

Cannabis is often used as a painkiller, particularly because its use can reduce swelling and inflammation in the body. Recent studies have shown that cannabidiol also helps in reducing inflammation across many different types of diseases. Inflammation is a major cause of many different diseases including cancer, arthritis, heart disease and numerous others. CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation across the board, but its greatest power comes in helping to reduce the pain that leads to inflammation. Recommended dosage for reducing inflammation is 25mg of CBD oil per day at regular intervals throughout the day.

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