How does Executive Coaching help female professionals become more confident leaders?

Women are the fastest-growing sector of corporate America. However, they’re also far more likely than men to leave their jobs if there’s a disconnect between their company’s work culture and their individual and family needs. In addition, women are less likely to ask for what they want than men, who have a natural tendency to actively pursue career opportunities and promotions. So how do you level the playing field?

Executive and Leadership Coaching For Females

An executive coach for female leaders and entrepreneurs can bridge this gap. An executive coach is trained to help those in leadership positions navigate challenges stemming from their unique circumstances. With inclusion and equality becoming the cornerstone of business and workplaces, there’s a need for support and assistance for those who haven’t had a seat at the table.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which working with an executive coach helps female professionals become more confident leaders:

1. Gets you closer and clear about your goals

Confidence is a by-product of clarity. Having clearly defined goals and outcomes give you confidence in your ability to achieve those goals. An executive coach will help you define your goals in a way that they align with your values and schedule.

An executive coach can also help you develop a plan to achieve your goals, including setting milestones and breaking large goals down into smaller chunks.

2. Helps you manage your fear, frustration, and self-doubt

It’s important to understand that fear, frustration, and self-doubt are normal. However, if you let them reign in your mental dialogue, they can also be self-destructive. An executive coach helps you manage these emotions by acknowledging your feelings, focusing on the present moment, and keeping your eye on the end result.

3. Gives you access to a support system of female leaders

It’s often lonely at the top. Therefore, a support system of female leaders can be invaluable in more ways than one. We hear it all the time: confidence is contagious! Guess what; that’s true. As women, we are more likely to help each other succeed because we know firsthand what it feels like to be overlooked or underestimated in business and life. When you surround yourself with other strong females (even if they aren’t your direct peers), you will learn from their experiences and successes and gain valuable perspectives on being a female leader.

4. Gives you the confidence to ask for help

Women are often confronted with the task of not knowing how to ask for help. They want to do everything themselves and don’t want people to think that they can’t handle it.

The confidence you gain from executive coaching helps you realize that it’s OK to ask for help. You work with a coach who helps you understand yourself and your strengths, as a result of which you develop the confidence to ask for help when needed and grow as a leader.

5. Develop an understanding of your leading style

Executive coaching helps you develop insight into your leadership style. Executive coaches will often ask you questions about how you deal with different situations at work and get you to think about your actions from a different perspective. This helps you discover what works for you and what doesn’t so that you can make better decisions based on self-awareness in the future.

6. Gives you the confidence to lead

As a leader, it’s their responsibility to make their employees comfortable enough to talk to them in case of any concern or issue. You’ll learn the right way to phrase questions so people feel comfortable sharing their opinions with you — this will also help build stronger relationships with members of your team. Put succinctly to build trust, and you need to be trustworthy and open.

An executive coach can help you build confidence, connections, and courage.

In a safe space, you can explore thoughts and feelings that are important to your success but may be difficult to address alone. In addition, coaching helps you develop a clear vision of your goals so that you are clear about where to expend your energy. Finally, coaching helps build critical relationships across networks, so when opportunities arise in the future, they’ll feel like second nature to pursue.

Coaching is proven to be particularly helpful for female professionals since it provides them with an opportunity to learn from their successes and failures without being judged by others. This allows them to develop trust in themselves when it comes time for them to lead teams successfully.

We would love to help you elevate your confidence and connections to help you become your best version. Contact us today for a free call to learn more about how we can work together.

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