How Does Cannabis Help In Sleep

Nowadays, cannabis is being used for treating several conditions like chronic pain, traumatic stress disorder and even sleeplessness. Studies show that marijuana has the potential to make them feel asleep and have better sleep. The presence of THC in marijuana helps in falling asleep.

Recently a study assessed the effectiveness of marijuana in treating sleep disorders, and the result has come out with some interesting findings. Marijuana shop Sukhumvit( ร้านขายกัญชา สุขุมวิท; which is the term in Thai)  revealed that cannabis binds with brain receptors and promotes sleep. When combined with the receptor, it sends a message to the brain to increase adenosine level that is related to providing better sleep.

The Best Strains Of Cannabis For Insomnia

Hindu Kush: The Hindu Kush is a type of Indica that works well to deal with feelings like sleeplessness and Insomnia. Apart from sleeping, it also treats anxiety levels in the body with its high THC content.

Sweet and Sour Widow: This Indica stain works well for people who require a balanced level of THC and CBD. The rate of CBD is mildly higher than the THC level. Due to the adequate level of myrcene, people can see its efficacy in treating insomnia.

Northern Lights: This strain comes with a higher level of THC and aids in promoting better sleepiness. The strain belongs to the hybrid cannabis category, where the Indica dominates the Sativa with a 95% and 5% ratio. If you are looking for a high rate of CBD, then Northern Lights cannot be a wise choice for you.

Harlequin: This specific strain level is beneficial for people who have not experienced the psychoactive effect of THC and is readily available at Marijuana shop Sukhumvit. The harlequin generally contains CBD and THC, which promotes better sleep. If you have sleep issues or pain, then Harlequin is something you can ingest.


To get better sleep, you must also focus on other things such as diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc. You can only expect positive results if you keep good health practices.

Insomnia is such a problem that makes people frustrated and sometimes sleep-deprived.

However, marijuana directly works with the brain receptor giving you a sensation of relaxation, and you fall asleep soon. Hopefully, the article has provided insight into the best cannabis strains for treating sleep disorders. Let’s connect with your physician and Marijuana shop Sukhumvit to get more information about it.

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