Personalised Photo Canvas Prints – The Best Wall Art

Bespoke canvas prints are not something new. However, they are being used more and more in new and exciting ways. The concept of taking a normal photo and getting it printed on to canvas is great for taking those well captured photos and hanging them over the mantel piece, and having them as a focal point in your lounge. Sure, you could always find yourself a nice art piece at the local art shop, but to be realistic you don’t often find something that you always like and sometimes it is difficult to figure out what the artist is trying to say. Why bother with an expensive piece of art when you can choose a print from one of your old photos from yesteryear. Old photos are simple yet elegant and are reasonably priced, depending on where you shop.

The great thing about Canvas Pictures is that they are inexpensive to make and the majority of the time the piece that is being printed, already exists. The sources for your affordable canvas prints are endless. You can pull them off the web, go through old photo albums or even take random, arbitrary shots walking through your garden. The more “off-base” the Canvas pictures are, the better pieces they will make when they are put on to canvas. Sure, you can take a picture of your loved ones, perhaps one of your kids that can be sent to your parents for Christmas. Even a picture of your dad wearing hunting gear and the dog at his feet, could be a great piece to put above a fireplace to make the living room more homely.

After thinking about a few of these ideas, you are probably wondering where you can get canvas prints done. The answer is closer than you think, and all you have to do is to checkout You can find various special deals in getting Canvas Prints and wall art done. All you have to do is find the right photo that will get you the best Canvas Print. You can get your Canvas Prints at at an affordable price. You can choose the size of the frame for the picture, because sometimes an odd size is required. You can upload the picture that you want, either by e-mail or a direct upload to the site, and then they will print it according to your specifications and then they will ship it to you within a working week. It’s really that simple.

So why not try something different, go for a print on canvas and give your family and friends special gifts this festive period.

Do you have a special photo that means the world to you and you are interested in putting it on your wall in the form of canvas prints? Today it is possible to have your photos converted to canvas prints, which was not a possibility quite some time ago. The latest technologies and developments in the printing industry have made this impossible feat a possibility. When this form of canvas printing was introduced, it was quite expensive and only a few people went for this option, though many loved this kind of wall art. However, the cost of canvas printing is becoming more and more affordable with the increasing competition in the marketplace. So now, you can have your special moments captured on to a Canvas Print.

When you want to have any of your pictures converted to personalised canvas prints, the original photo that you use to convert should be of high-resolution. Low-resolution photos will have a distorted image output when the photo is enlarged to fit your canvas print size. So in order to avoid getting a poor quality canvas prints use only high-resolution photos.

You need to decide on the size of your canvas print based on the resolution of the original photo. If you use an experienced canvas printing company in UK such as, you will be guided properly in selecting the appropriate canvas print size. Though some people choose to print their canvas prints themselves, if you need perfect canvas prints, it is worth spending some money to get it done from a professional canvas printing company such as CanvasDesign UK. We will enhance the image as required before printing so you get perfect canvas prints. You should be experienced in canvas printing in order to edit the image correctly to ensure good effect on the canvas. Often it would be just minor editing that would be done to your photo but it would have a dramatic effect on the canvas. Therefore, it requires experienced eyes to prepare the photo for canvas printing.

Canvas prints also make an excellent gift item for all occasions. You just need to select the right photos for your canvas prints. You can either give your own photos or select the photos from the photo gallery that you will find at These photos are taken by professional photographers with high-resolution cameras so they are ideal for canvas prints. Go ahead and select your photo for the canvas print and let CanvasDesign UK work the magic for you. You will find getting your canvas prints made here at the most competitive price here. Make pictures to canvas your choice for the next special gift you give to a loved one.


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