6 Reasons To Choose An ESAB Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting involves passing a steady jet of superheated gas over metal. The gas, which is heated to temperatures of more than 20,000°C, cuts through the metal by melting it away. If you work in a job that involves the fabrication of metal sheets or plates, having a robust and reliable plasma cutting machine like an ESAB plasma cutter is important.

Wondering why you should opt for a cutter from this popular international brand? Here are 6 reasons to choose a plasma cutting machine from ESAB.

6 Reasons To Choose An ESAB Plasma Cutting Machine

1.      Powerful and Portable

ESAB plasma cutting machines are lightweight and can be easily transported by hand. That said, despite their portable nature, these machines offer performance that rivals full-sized plasma cutters. They’re designed to offer a high power-to-weight ratio, which enables you to quickly cut through metal sheets of different thicknesses. In fact, some ESAB plasma cutters are built to handle half an inch of sheet metal to 2.75-inch thick metal plates with ease.

2.      Cutting a Wide-Range of Metals

ESAB plasma cutting machines are very versatile and are capable of cutting through any metal that conducts electricity. Be it stainless steel, mild steel, or even aluminum, the cutters can easily make light work of them, allowing you to take on even the most demanding of fabrication challenges effortlessly.

3.      Enhanced Productivity

One of the major advantages of an ESAB plasma cutter is the relatively high speed at which you can cut metal. A typical ESAB plasma machine takes significantly less time to cut through metal compared to saws and other thermal cutting methods. Such a high level of efficiency allows you to finish tasks sooner and be more productive on your job.

4.      A High Degree of Accuracy

The hot plasma jet from the ESAB plasma cutter is extremely precise and fine, allowing you to accurately trace templates so you get just the right shape that you want. With the plasma cutting machine from ESAB, you can even use circular and straight-edge cutting guides to help you fabricate the metal with a greater degree of precision. Furthermore, unlike other cutters, the heat-affected zones on the metals is also fairly minimal during the cutting process.

5.      Compatible With Different Torches

Another major advantage of ESAB plasma cutters is that they’re compatible with different kinds of torches. From 75-degree and 90-degree angled torches to straight torches, you can quickly connect the right accessory to your ESAB plasma cutting machine depending on your fabrication needs, all without worrying about compatibility issues.

6.      Support for High Duty Cycles

The duty cycle represents the time during which  a plasma cutter can remain operational before it overheats and shuts down automatically. The maximum duty cycle for any plasma cutter is 10 minutes. So, if a plasma cutting machine is said to have a 30% duty cycle, it means that it can operate continuously for 3 minutes before it overheats.

ESAB plasma cutters have high duty cycles compared to other plasma-cutting machines. This effectively means that you can operate the cutter for a longer period without being forced to take breaks frequently. Depending on the type of ESAB plasma cutting machine you opt for, you get anywhere from a 35% duty cycle to a 100% duty cycle.


The bottom line is that ESAB offers a wide range of plasma-cutting machines designed to handle different fabrication requirements. From handheld manual plasma cutters to large mechanized cutting systems, you can find multiple models, each with its own benefits and use cases. You can browse the models available online and choose a cutter that meets your welding requirements.

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