All You Need to Know About Ribs

Ribs are among the tastiest cuts no matter which meat you eat. However, do you know the best way to cook some of the best dishes? Well, in this guide you will learn exactly that.

How to Cook Pork Ribs

The best way to make great pork ribs is to prepare them the right way from the beginning. First, prepare the rib rack. This should be a sturdy rack, and it should be positioned over a baking sheet. Once the rack is set up, place the ribs on it. Place the rack on a baking sheet, and brush off the excess fat with a paper towel. Repeat with the other side of the ribs.

Next, coat the pork ribs with barbecue sauce. Make sure to put about 1 cup of sauce on each rib. Put the ribs in the oven, and cover with foil to prevent them from burning. Check the ribs frequently to make sure the sauce doesn’t burn. If necessary, apply additional coats of sauce. Cook ribs until they reach an internal temperature of 145degF.

How to Cook Spare Ribs

In addition to traditional ribs, you can also find grilled spareribs. These ribs are often found on the side of the rack, so it’s important to know how to cook them properly to get the best results!

To begin cooking, remove the membrane from the bone side. This membrane forms a thin layer over the back of the ribs. You can use a small knife blade to remove it. Be careful not to cut the meat; you may end up ripping it apart. After you’ve removed the membrane, grab the meat with your hands and peel it off in one thin sheet. The meat on the outside will cook faster than the center part.

Before cooking, prepare the ribs. The ribs should be pre-seasoned for at least 30-60 minutes. For a full experience, you can even soak them overnight. Use about 1 tablespoon of barbecue dry rub to season each slab. Then, place the spare ribs on the rack. Close the EGG lid and allow it to reach 125 degrees Celsius. Once done, the ribs will be tender and juicy!

The next step in cooking ribs is to choose a sauce. You can either use barbecue sauce or lemon juice and bottled barbecue sauce. Some rib sauces are infused with Jack Daniels or chipotle. You can experiment with different flavors to find one that suits your taste. Then, let the ribs rest on a wire rack until the sauce is completely absorbed by the meat.

How to Cook Baby Back Ribs?

How to Cook Baby Back Ribs? is a popular question, with many people wondering how they should prepare these meaty beauties. The ribs are shorter than regular pork spare ribs, but they are no less meaty. What’s more, they’re relatively low in fat. Hence, you’ll want to do the preparation well. Follow these simple steps for a perfect set of baby back ribs.

Make a barbecue sauce to add a smoky flavor to your ribs. The flavor of barbecue sauce is enhanced when mixed with liquid smoke, so you can use it as a condiment. You can also use smoked paprika. Alternatively, you can buy a barbecue sauce with a hickory smoke flavor. You can even make your own barbecue sauce using classic ingredients, such as mustard and smoked paprika.

The meat should be tender when you slam a fork into it, and you should not be able to feel any bone when you eat them. To test the meat for doneness, use a fork to gently tug on one or two ribs. If they don’t easily fall off the bone, they’re overcooked. If they do, immediately remove them from the heat and serve with a sauce.

To get the most tender ribs, remove the silver skin that covers the back of the ribs. You can do this by loosening the membrane with a small knife blade. Once the silver skin is loose, remove it by peeling it off like tape. A picture of this process can be found online. You can also place the ribs under the broiler for another 3-5 minutes. The meat on the ribs should be slightly charred and the skin should be caramelized on top.


With those recipes now in the books, you will have enough to cover you any time you want to cook up some fabulous rib dishes. Just don’t go overboard as red meats can increase the chances of heart disease. Eat in moderation and make sure you enjoy healthier dishes along the way as well.

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