How Can General Liability Insurance Help Contractors?

Plotting construction plans and meeting deadlines are only a few major tasks that contractors perform to give clients high-quality outputs. Unfortunately, this job is exposed to several risks the contractor must be wary of while executing the project, including injuries, deaths, and asset damages caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Given the potential risks in the workplace, contractors need to safeguard their business by getting general liability insurance for contractors. This insurance package provides the following benefits for these professionals:

Offer Coverage for Injuries

Injuries are commonplace on construction sites. For instance, workers handle electrical wires or use hazardous equipment. Medical treatments for injured employees can come hefty for the contractor. To avoid paying money directly from their wallets, contractors can avail of general contractor insurance designed to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Cover for Property Damage

Aside from injuries, contractors must keep their eyes on the property where their team is working because it might be at risk of potential damages. One of their workers might have hit a pipe, accidentally causing flooding. Chances are the products they installed did not work or malfunction. With general liability insurance, contractors can compensate for the damages incurred.

Protect Business Assets

Accidents can occur anytime in the workplace and unintentionally affect the third party. However, the affected party can accuse the contractor of bodily harm, requiring the company to pay for the medical expenses. In this case, the absence of general liability insurance can cause the contractor to spend money out of his profit or sell business assets.

Cover Legal Fees

General liability insurance can compensate for legal fees, including attorney and witness fees and other court expenses. This as court cases can last long, taking the contractor away from work, especially in the event needing court trials.

Contractors looking for a reputable general liability insurance company can contact ISU Armac for reliable liability coverage. Email us at or call (760) 241-7900 for inquiries.


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