Benefits of Internet and Internet resources

URL full form in computer: The abbreviation URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator. The structure of a URL corresponds to the syntax of the URI. Identifiers allow you to track resources on the Internet based on a unique mark, locally and worldwide.

As a sub-category of “Identifier,” URLs are used as a synonym for “Internet address,” a fact attributable to the main field of application of the URL: the identification of web pages. However, URLs are not limited only to this. Thanks to them, it is possible to locate, for example, even files in the local file system.

Structure of the URL

Each URL comprises several components divided for convenience into two subsets: the so-called scheme (or protocol) and a section relating to this scheme.

Scheme: The URL scheme indicates both the type of resource and the access method and includes all information about how to access the resources. Often the URL scheme takes the same name as the corresponding protocol of the access method on the application layer. Common schemes are http / https, mailto, file, or ftp.

Schemaspecifying part: Depending on the schema type, the schema-specifying part of the URL comprises a series of segments that contain the location of the respective resource and optional processing parameters.

Host: the host URI segment usually includes a domain, including first, second, and third-level domains, and thus indicates a specific computer (host) from which the chosen resource must be retrieved.

Port: it is possible to manage a specific TCP / IP port in the network. However, its reporting remains optional since most schemes already have a default port.

Nothing would have been possible without internet services, from making money online to smart homes. People are now able to communicate easily, even thousands of miles away, online stores offer everything from the comfort of home, work from home, and online activities have become the main trends and the need to go to the cinema to watch Netflix and other streaming platforms have taken over the movie.

Advantages of Internet

Below are some advantages of internet:

Easier Communication

The saying that the world is a global village is now true because one of the major changes the Internet has brought into your lives is making communication easier, better, and cheaper. You have gone from writing letters to video calls, emails, and text messages where communication happens in real-time.

Earning opportunities

A few years ago, no one thought it would be possible for them to earn thousands of dollars every year from the comfort of their homes. It is possible, and millions of people do it using Internet services. Whether you have a business or you are just a skilled person who knows how to do something, the internet has opportunities for everyone.


Along with many other benefits, one of the major changes the Internet brings is being able to have fun in the comfort of your home. As technology improves, there are options for watching movies and shows, listening to your favourite music, watching videos on any topic, and more on devices like phones, laptops, tablets, and Smart TVs.

Shopping, Bills & Banking

The Internet has made many things easier. One of them is online shopping. You no longer have to go to malls and markets to get something you like.

What do you mean by WYSIWYG: WYSIWYG is an acronym. The term can be translated to “what you see is what you get” and “what you see is what you get.” The idea of WYSIWYG is used in computers to name editor and word processing functions that allow you to process information by directly observing the results of your work.

WYSIWYG is very important in website development because it extends the ability to create pages, even for people unfamiliar with HTML (the mark-up language used to develop these posts). Thanks to WYSIWYG, the information can be written in a word processing program (Word, etc.) as an interface. The program automatically takes over the development of the HTML source code. In short, anyone who creates a website “gets what they see” as they type. In content of website remember to add keywords of high traffic like, google word coach.

Therefore, the concept of WYSIWYG relates to the relationship between the platform used for content development and modification and the results obtained after the work is completed. Today, many WYSIWYG HTML editors make it easy for many people to develop their websites, even if they are not computer scientists or have no programming knowledge.

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