Capacitance Level Transmitter

Capacitance Level Transmitter – Know About This, And Other Level Transmitter

Lever transmitters are essential industrial devices utilized for level measurement. These measuring tools are also referred to as level transducers. There are many types of them as we will find out below. One of the types is called capacitance level transmitter. Level transmitters are used for measuring levels of bulk liquids, solids, or slurries in a particular space. 

However, there’s a feature that makes these tools even more special. The feature is none other than the ability to provide the electrical output of every measuring job completed using them. Before we move any further, let’s first find out more about the capacitance level transducer. 

How Does Capacitance Level Transmitter Work?

The principle under which a capacitance level transducer works is based on capacitance change. An insulated electrode serves as one capacitor plate and the tank wall serves as the second plate. The capacitance is dependent on the level of fluid. To make things clearer, capacitance level measurements are useful in measuring the capacitance change to gauge the unevenness of the level of the liquid. 

It’s basically a metal rod pierced that goes through the liquid container. This metal rod acts as one of the capacitor poles and the container wall acts as the other capacitor pole. 

Other Types Of Level Transmitters

Besides a capacitance level transducer, there are several other types of level transmitters. They include the following:

  • Guided Microwave level transducers
  • Radar fill level transducer – utilize radio wave emissions 
  • Ultrasonic level transducers
  • Hydrostatic level transducers

 Generally, level transmitters are formulated to measure levels of various materials based on a point level reading or continuous level reading. A continuous level transmitter does measurement work within a specific area and provides output in form of continuous reading. On the other hand, a point-level transmitter offers output when the tool does measuring up to a specific level. 

Interesting Qualities Of Capacitance level Transducers

One great quality of these devices is that they can work properly. They also offer accurate results regardless of the temperature and pressure of the area they are operating in. Moreover, their performance is also never impacted by factors such as presence or absence and conditions of gas mixture vapors. 

Level transmitters might utilize different technologies to measure or sense the level of a particular substance. The categorization of these devices is generally performed based on the type of technology they utilize to do the level measurement. Other popular types of level transmitters are RF admittance, air bubblers (capacitive transmitters) – as mentioned above. Each of these transmitters is used in different applications to deliver accurate outputs. However, they must be utilized for measuring the material levels they are designed to measure. 

Special Types of Level Transmitter

There are special transmitters that utilize pressure membranes to detect the level of a material. These devices come with a pressure-sensitive switch on them. When you switch on these devices, you get transmission of internal sensors through a thin organic or metal membrane. There are devices on the market that come with radar or microwave drive features (mentioned above). 

These units operate by emitting microwave pulses in the directions of the material they are measuring. The pulses emitted get reflected back and finally, a receiver absorbs them. 

The other kind of level transmitter you’ll commonly find is the one that features a petite electric motor. The devices are known as rotation paddle level transmitters. The motors they include are used to drive the rotation paddle. And the paddle rotates continuously freely until it gets into contact with any material. When the paddle touches a material, the motor becomes active and starts the measuring process. 


Hopefully, you now have a general idea of what a capacitance level transmitter is, what it does and how it works. We have also mentioned other types of level transmitters as well as their different unique qualities and features. You now understand which one to buy if you’re looking for one.

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