Oak Wooden Flooring

I am sure you know that there are many options to choose from if you have already looked for wooden flooring. The oak wooden parquet is near everyone’s list. However, I suggest checking the alternatives before diving first and buying a solid oak wooden floor. We will consult a few purchasing points here so that you can determine if the oak floor is really your best bet.

Oak wooden floor compared to the stratified oak floor

When you consider wooden floors, it’s always a good idea to make a direct comparison with a laminate and an alternative design. This is because, after everything, it is said and done, they do not seem so different. If you are looking for a cheap wooden floor, then laminate is really the only choice. Not only is it cheaper to buy initially, but it is also cheaper to maintain. Solid wooden floors really have only one advantage over laminate, and it is the ability to sand them if they are damaged.

Comparison of oak wooden parquet and wooden engineering wooden parquet

Engineered wood floors should also be on your list of things to look at. Price differences between engineering and laminate are generally minimal, and engineering floors can actually be sanded if necessary, but only once or twice. Engineering uses more real wood than laminate and is generally more difficult. With engineering soil, the upper layer is actually a thin layer of wood, while with the laminate, it is an image of wood. There are two reflection schools on differences. Some people think that the fewer trees run, the better for the environment. Those who promote solid and designed wood, the feeling of reducing trees is better for our planet than plastics and resins because trees are a very renewable resource.


Most people want oak wooden floors due to the looks. With today’s coloring techniques, however, you probably have to look at a few samples before deciding what they like most. Oak wooden parquet can be designed in dark colors, light colors white and red colors, or cherries as well. The natural color of a wooden oak floor is a clear tan, with darker and brownish streaks in each direction. You can expect real solid wood floors to have defects, such as worms, which are considered desirable to a certain extent because they add character to the wood.


Many people do not know the default wood floors because they plan a lot of traffic in their house. This comes from oak being one of the most vigorous trees in the world, creating some of the most durable woods. Regarding solid wood floors, you can use it to assess the sustainability of a floor to a certain extent. With a wooden engineering flooring as well as the laminate, however, the tenacity of the final product will depend more on the composition of the soil, and not so much on the upper layer.

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