The Growing Need for Corporate Coaching with Remote Work Here to Stay

Before the pandemic, mental health and well-being had been an emerging factor in the global corporate zeitgeist. As workforces learn to coexist with the Omicron strain, the well-being of employees has been consolidated as a top priority. Organisations that include well-being programs on an individual and organisational level are known to have a more motivated and sustainable workforce. Corporate coaching can be an ideal tool to help executives connect both imperatives; worker well-being and work transformation.

The pandemic has greatly affected every quarter of life. Business executives have faced many challenges while dealing with the work crunch and its long-lasting effects. The remote work system has become a viable and procured solution for businesses to remain afloat through these trying times. Now executive leaders have a great responsibility to develop a working design to support remote work systems. Digital collaboration platforms and new well-being resources are at the fore of this new work practice.

Many business development specialists and researchers claim organisations need to reconsider their competency models to ensure the success of their enterprise and everyone associated with it. Executive leaders have to plan and adjust strategies for their businesses to establish a sustainable business environment in this volatile landscape. With immediate modifications and changes in business practice and culture, executive leaders can plan a life for their business.

So, how does corporate coaching help business executives operate smoothly during unprecedented times? Continue reading to find out how corporate coaching is a viable solution.

Work from home orders was implemented to minimise the spread of COVID. This new work practice is still effective and is likely to be in effect as more people become vaccinated. Executive leaders have to be resilient, reliable, and resourceful to lead their teams even when working from home is still a preference.

During the pandemic, executive leaders from all industries were exposed to extreme levels of stress, pressure, and difficulty. Executives, like all others, have to work on their well-being and develop strategies of work transformation to lead their teams effectively. Professional corporate coaching helps executives to prepare blueprints for new business strategies and plans. This thought-provoking partnership between a mind mentor and an executive allows the latter to examine all aspects of his or her life and discover new possibilities.

Corporate coaching allows executives to exercise new levels of flexibility and adaptability that might never have been discovered before. Corporate coaching also works towards the improvement of communication skills. Communication skills are one of the few pillars of the executive-worker relationship. It allows them to communicate effectively with their team members as well as clients to bring forth the best possible outcome.

If you want to implement corporate coaching and drive better results from your executive team, Leigh Stafford can help. As a certified life, personal, and corporate coach, Leigh can help you adapt to new challenges and operate efficiently. Leigh runs corporate coaching programs, among other programs to help business executives across the world achieve their goals, even in the trickiest conditions. His one-on-one sessions are highly productive and sought after, so get in touch today.

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