Wholesale nursery pots are made not just from one type of material and the peculiarities that come to play in wholesale nursery pots is that there is not just one type of pot that leaves one without an option to pick from, with options of various materials come multiple choices that resonate with whatever an individual find most perfect for the kind of plant they want to raise and the set of values that resonate with them, you want to be careful enough if you are someone that strongly believe in the health of the earth to not choose wholesale nursery pots that do not factor this into their product. 

The various materials from which manufacturers produce nursery pots include

  1. Plastic
  2. Coir
  3. Pulp
  4. Fabric

Plastic material happens to be the most popular and come in this present day of all the materials listed, and one of the primary reason for their popularity is their lightweight dress. They also can withstand growing conditions over time even though they might break after usage over and over again, or if dropped to the floor inappropriately. They are cost-effective and also factored in environmental health as they are recyclable, you can now see why they are said to be popular.

Coir and pulp is another type of nursery pots material that can be used in making wholesale nursery pots, however, these types of material provide one with biodegradable options for growers. The plant-based materials that are used in making these wholesale nursery pots help reduce plastic waste and also give room for proper root ventilation. Plants that are planted using this materially can be planted directly into the soil in case of any need to transplant them directly into the soil.

Lastly, this article is to talk about the fabric materials that are used in making nursery pots most of the fabric pots are made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene and they may act as breathable resistant material to mold which can be a problem for natural fiber. However, fabric pots give a durable option for plants with large root balls as they won’t crack or add extra weight.

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