Winning formula – Buying instagram followers for success

Grow your business and brand on Instagram with a loyal following. While organically building an audience takes time and effort, buying Instagram followers an effective strategy for boosting your popularity. However, not all bought followers are created equal. There are right and wrong ways to go about purchasing followers.

There are certainly risks involved with buying followers. Low-quality or bot followers will be easy for Instagram to detect and remove. This actually hurt your account by tanking your engagement rate, which Instagram monitors. Buying fake followers also won’t actually help you reach real people or generate engagement. However, buying real, targeted followers from reputable providers a legitimate growth strategy when done correctly.

Here are some tips for buying real Instagram followers safely:

  • Vet providers carefully – Only buy from reputable companies that deliver real, active followers. Stay away from cheap bot or fake followers.
  • Grow slowly – Don’t add thousands of followers overnight, which looks highly suspicious. Grow your bought followers gradually over time.
  • Target followers strategically – Purchase followers who are interested in your niche and will genuinely engage with your content. Geographic targeting is also important.
  • Combine with organic growth – Combine bought followers with organic growth strategies for the best results. Bought followers alone won’t grow your business.
  • Monitor analytics – Keep an eye on your engagement rate and unfollow rate. If they spike, Instagram begin removing fake followers.

Ideal follower profile

When buy real instagram followers, the quality of those followers matters significantly. Rather than just buying followers in bulk randomly, be strategic about the types of profiles you target.

  • Active usage – Profiles should show consistent interactions and posts, not be inactive bots.
  • Genuine profiles – Followers should have a profile photo, bio, multiple posts, and followers of their own. This signals they are real people.
  • Niche interests – Their profile and hashtag use should indicate interests relevant to your brand, so they will engage with your content.
  • Geolocation – Target followers located in areas important to your business and goals. Local followers are more likely to become customers.
  • Demographics – Purchase followers that match the gender, age range, income level, interests and other traits of your target audience.

Monitoring Metrics

When you begin buying Instagram followers, keep an eye on key metrics to determine whether your investment is paying off.

  • Follower growth rate – This should steadily increase at a reasonable rate as you add bought followers, not spike dramatically.
  • Engagement rate – Watch for spikes in comments, likes and saves per post. Bought followers improve this.
  • Click rate on profile and posts – More followers should increase clicks on your profile and posts. Monitor the click traffic.
  • Website traffic – If buying followers to drive traffic to your website, monitor incoming visits closely. Traffic should increase over time.
  • Unfollow rate – If your bought followers start unfollowing you rapidly, that’s a red flag of low-quality or fake profiles.

Continually evaluating the impact of bought followers will help you refine your approach and improve at leveraging purchased fans for success.

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