4 ways to prevent basketball injuries

One of the common sports injuries is basketball injuries. It comes second right after soccer injuries. The statistic goes to show how careful you need to be when it comes to playing basketball. While some injuries are often small, others can be so bad and leave you incapacitated for a while. Here are some ways you can ensure you are not at risk of basketball injuries.

Play at the right place

The first thing you need to ensure you do is to play in the right space. Places with a basketball floor will reduce the risk of injuries if you fall. While you might choose to play outside and in other areas, injuries will not be as bad on the right floor. Different basketball courts let you play for a small fee, and all you have to do is ask around. It will make playing better for you.

Say fit

Before you get on the court, it would help if you ensured you were fit. Most leg cramps are stretched muscles and happen because you started playing before you were fit enough. Take the time to run around the block and always warm up before entering the court. That way, your muscles will warm up, and you do not have to worry about getting a bad cramp that can lead to injuries as you play. 

If you have never played before, it will help if you warm up to the game. Take a few minutes on the court each day before you can play a full game. That will help your body warm up to exercise, and you will not have issues when you finally get on to the game.


Whenever you get on the court, you tend to sweat a lot, which means your body is losing fluids fast. If you are dehydrated, then you will have nothing to sweat, and your body will not be able to cool itself off. A well-hydrated body behaves way better on the field, which you want. If you have not been drinking water all day, then ensure you walk around with a water bottle and take a few sips as you play. It will ensure you stay hydrated throughout the game, which is what you want.

Take time to rest

The last thing you need to remember to do is rest. Many people ignore this and end up injured when playing. To be able to play well, you need to ensure that you take time away from the court. If you play daily, resting at least twice a week is recommended. It will give your muscles time to heal, and that way, you do not get injured easily.

Playing basketball should not be something that you are scared of doing. The only thing you need to remember when it comes to the game is to be careful and listen to your body. If you have any pains, see a doctor and get a physical. It will help you determine whether you are fit enough to go back and play or if you should take time off.

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