Plan your graduation day party with your friends

Everyone has been looking forward throughout his or her school life to the moment – graduation. Whether you are at elementary school, secondary school or high school – graduation is something special. That is why you will find design ideas, checklists and useful financing tips for your perfect graduation party here.

What is a graduation ceremony?

At the graduation ceremony, the successful school leavers honored and said goodbye after their final exams. Depending on whether you are at primary school, secondary school or university, the celebration will of course vary: whether it is a games afternoon, a ball or a courtyard party depends on the occasion. Here is an overview of the different types of graduation ceremonies –

Elementary school

The graduation ceremony after elementary school usually takes place in the afternoon at school. There is usually a lavish cake buffet, delicious coffee – as well as small plays and many opportunities for games and fun. The focus is on a relaxed, child-friendly farewell to elementary school. 

Secondary school & high school

After completing secondary school, the students are older, which of course means other opportunities for the graduation party. From wild parties to simple certificate handovers to the ball, there are no limits to the imagination. Some classes combine their graduation ceremony with longer stays in huts or trips to other cities.

Bachelor & Master degree

Compared to the secondary schools, the graduation ceremonies at the university are rather small. The certificates handed over in a small ceremony in either the afternoon or the documents sent straight away by post. Of course, some universities also prepare larger celebrations, offer a small champagne reception and photograph their graduates in their robes.

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Checklist with schedule

To fix an appointment

The date for the graduation ceremony should be set about half a year in advance. Choose a summer day, preferably on a weekend when there are no other big events.

Clarify financing

A small budget for the elementary school graduation will help you organize an unforgettable afternoon for the elementary school students.

Find location

Find a nice place, preferably in the open air. The schoolyard is a good idea, but maybe you also have barbecue areas, town hall squares or a beautiful communally owned meadow? Also, think about a bad weather alternative.

Distribute tasks 

Who takes care of the food and drinks? Who provides playground equipment? What is the plan for decoration? Clarify in advance how you imagine the celebration to be and what needs to be done.

Consider program

Take care of the program points early on. Theatrical performances in particular need a good 3 months of preparation time!

Organize catering

Nobody has ever gone wrong with an informal barbecue including a salad bar. Pass around the food donation list about four weeks before your appointment. If you book catering, you have to order it early!

No matter how you want your graduation party to look like, you can use a whole range of ideas here!

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