5 Reasons to Choose Duke 200 second-hand bike In India

Purchasing a used bike is not a simple endeavor; it is not comparable to buying a brand-new motorcycle in which you go to the showroom. Even though some people might not be capable of paying for a brand new bike, this doesn’t mean they ought to give up on their dream of owning one. One always has the option to pick up the phone and purchase a used bike while taking into account some helpful advice on the purchase of a Duke 200 second hand.

Design & Style

The KTM Duke 200 is quite similar in appearance to the more well-known KTM Duke 200. Both bikes have orange alloy wheels & carry precisely the same panels. The distinctive front headlight, the tail light section, as well as the fashionable fuel tank all contribute to the vehicle’s ability to turn heads. The diameter of the tires on the aluminum alloy is similar to that of bikes in the 250cc-500cc sector, which are both available for purchase in India. These motorcycles give the alloy wheel a striking appearance.

Trellis Frames

It is a component in the bike that is in high demand at the moment. Even though it isn’t a single element and isn’t compressed together as the frame around the outside, it is nevertheless quite lightweight. It is manufactured of alloy tube bars that are assembled into a triangle shape utilizing various joining techniques. One of the characteristics of this bony boy is that in addition to minimizing overall body weight, it also facilitates more even distribution of that weight. Although the balance is evenly distributed throughout the body, many companies choose to maintain the front end heavier to improve the amount of input received. It ensures that the control of the Duke 200 second hand is at least as good as that of the Duke 390.


Because KTM is the owner of WP suspension, it stands to reason that the firm is unable to manufacture a bike with a subpar suspension system. Nevertheless, despite this, we are still astonished by how well-matched the capabilities of that fantastic powertrain are to the chassis & suspension of the vehicle. You will be free from worrying about any suspension problem when buying a Duke 200 second hand. 


The latest KTM is powered by a single-cylinder, short-stroke, 4-stroke engine that has a capacity of 199.5cc and features bore and stroke dimensions of 72mm and 49mm, respectively. You will receive all that is offered, including liquid cooling, fuel injection, a twin-camshaft-driven quartet, and valves, as well as a lightweight, compact, six-speed gearbox. This is made possible by cutting-edge specifications and engineering that makes no compromises.


The lightweight frame does an excellent job of maintaining the weight of the bike in check so that it can be ridden comfortably. In addition to that, it features an aluminum swingarm that contributes additionally to the effective management of the bike’s overall weight. The bike has a wheelbase of approximately 1,357 millimeters, which makes it quite easy to ride on motorways and other long stretches of pavement. In addition to this, it features a straight handlebar that makes it simple to navigate around traffic, allowing the rider to remain calm and comfortable during the entirety of the journey.


The KTM Duke 200 second hand is a truly unique motorbike that can be used for a variety of purposes, from zipping around town as a nimble city bike to getting battered while you fight your preferred part of twisty road. This event represents a significant turning point in the annals of Indian cycling history.


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