Are Rapid Antigen Tests the Gateway to the New Nightclub World?

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The asterisks over Melbourne’s nightlife continues to hinder weekend plans for many as the number of omicron cases surge. However, given the state government has left the nighttime economy open, one might wonder if the efficacy of rapid antigen tests will pave the safest path to the dance floor.

After a long hiatus, Australians are eager to travel in droves from all parts of their respective cities for a well deserved night out or two. And although simple safety measures such as masks, vaccination certificates and capacity limits provide some peace of mind, a return to normalcy still requires some personal effort. Even without a government order, the perceived threat of the omicron strain has put the onus on punters to avoid contact and delay their return to nightclubs. This is another challenge posed to the entertainment and hospitality industry with little government support available in this iteration.

With a more defined strategy to entice punters to a safe nightclub environment, raising the awareness and utilisation of rapid antigen tests is pivotal. The importance of forming new connections, unwinding after a long week of uni or work and detaching from your phone is an invaluable past-time that many young Australians are eager to resume. So to reduce the spread of omicron, the government has urged close contacts and people with symptoms to use rapid antigen tests before heading out. It is worth noting the rapid antigen test is relatively new and self-managed and unlike PCR polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR), they’re not as reliable. So, can they be the gateway for people to head to nightclubs?

Currently, it seems rapid antigen tests are the best defence for individuals against the spread of omicron. When undertaken correctly, it will display your results within 15 minutes thus determining whether you are positive or negative. As Australians become better at applying these tests and evaluating their symptoms, these tests will consolidate themselves as the most viable clinical approach to curtailing the spread. Combining this approach with the government guidelines, Australians will continue to adapt and return to nightclubs with more confidence .

A complete ban on nightclubs can have a serious impact on the hospitality and entertainment industry. Not to mention the peripheral players such as transport and food. Small and applicable measures such as adhering to capacity limits and temperature checks amongst entry are valuable defence mechanisms that need to be applied consistently and attractively.

If you follow these measures, evaluate the risks but are healthy and raring to go, Lucky Thursdays‘ bar and nightclub is still the place to be. Their adherence to safety measures coupled with your own judgment will still allow for a rewarding and memorable night on the town. After all, it is open and the very best Melbourne DJs and drinks specials are waiting to greet you with open arms. Offering the utmost hospitality and fun, you can your book a table at Lucky Thursday’s switch off from the day-to-day stresses in style. 

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