Endometrial quality and its relationship to artificial insemination

The success of in Vitro Fertilisation is influenced by many factors, especially the reproductive health of the partners. In particular, the quality of the endometrium, i.e. the inner lining of the uterus, is very important. It is on its quality depends on how successful will be the consolidation of the fertilized egg in the uterine cavity, as well as the further development. It is the insufficient quality of the endometrium that is often associated with miscarriages.

The quality of the endometrium is very easy to detect, just by having an ultrasound scan. An endometrium of high quality is one that has several layers and is at least 9 millimeters’ thick. Of course, its thickness does not mean that a woman cannot conceive and bear a child, because IVF is often carried out for patients whose endometrium thickness is no more than 6 millimeters’. However, statistics show that the quality of the endometrium has a huge impact on a successful pregnancy. This means that if the patient’s endometrium is too thin, the reproductologist will definitely look at the problem and correct it.

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There are various reasons why the endometrium is too thin. Here are some of them:


It is the insufficient quality and thickness of the endometrium that is often manifested by a lack of female sex hormone, or estrogen. This problem is solved by the use of special hormonal preparations that should only be prescribed by a reproductive surgeon and only after a wide range of examinations. These are usually pills or injections which have to be taken or administered regularly until the hormonal level returns to normal and the quality of the endometrium improves.


Another common cause of poor endometrial quality is insufficient blood flow in the pelvis. This can be due to too narrow vessels or other problems with the circulatory system, which are easily detected by ultrasound. It is particularly important for the quality of the endometrium to have a healthy uterine artery, as this is where it receives its main nutrition.

Sometimes the problem of poor circulation is due to a woman’s blood clotting too quickly, so that it becomes too viscous to flow into small veins and capillaries. If this is the case, a complete blood test is needed to determine the cause of the excessive clotting. Sometimes it is due to an immune system disorder. In any case, the problem can also be solved by using special medication under the close supervision of a doctor. 


Another common cause of poor endometrial quality is inflammation of the endometrium. This is usually caused by an infection, in particular a sexually transmitted infection. In this case, it is only possible to diagnose the problem accurately using small amounts of endometrium that are taken from the woman’s body by means of a biopsy. Most such inflammations are treated with antibiotics. If the reproductive surgeon is able to find out which infection has caused the poor quality endometrium, this allows the most adequate treatment to be prescribed, which will help quickly and effectively.


Sometimes women develop endometritis (infection of the reproductive organs) after childbirth, among other things. In addition, an abortion can leave a serious scar in the uterine cavity that prevents the embryo from attaching to the uterine cavity.

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