Summer Camp for Kids:  Redefining Fun Activities for Children

Summer holidays are the longest of all and parents always feel pressurized about how to keep their children busy in some useful activities during this period. When the parents are working, they are not able to spend much time with their kids and the kids fall short of playing with the things. To keep them engaged during the holidays in some fruitful activities, a summer camp for kids is the best solution. 

The organizers organize various activities in summer camp for kids where the children develop different skills while enjoying themselves with their friends. The kids learn communication skills, and social skills, become independent in doing their daily duties, make new friends, and much more.

Here is the list of some activities that make summer camp for kids more memorable and fuller of entertainment. 

Field Games

Sitting inside and doing nothing is the most boring thing for kids. They enjoy playing outside and hence field games are the most favorite ones for them. The camp can organize various outdoor activities like relay races with marbles on spoons, sack races, three-legged races, etc. that are enjoyed by all the age groups of children. These are all group activities where kids compete with each other and learn various winning techniques.

Fun Carnival

It is a great brainstorming activity where kids are given some supplies in the morning and they are asked to create something innovative from those things. They can even use the supplies present in their camp or outside and make something interesting out of it. It is a fun activity played in a group where kids learn to communicate with each other and listen to everyone’s creative ideas. This helps in making new friends and good bonding with each other. The winning team is presented with a gift.

Junk Wars

It is somewhat the same as the above game where the kids are provided with some junk tools and asked to make some machines using them. It is also a great team activity where the younger kids are asked to build a cage for an egg. Now, they have to drop the cage from a certain height to check if the cage protects the egg or not. If the egg breaks, they are out of the competition and the team whose cage protects the egg is declared the winner. 

Nature Scavengers Hunt

Scavengers hunt is the most popular game among the kids and when it is mixed with nature it becomes more interesting. The kids are asked to identify the local flora and fauna present in the camp. It is important to teach the kids about the poisonous plants present near the camp.

Dodge Ball with Water Balloon

The most fun-loving activity loved by all age groups of children. In summers, kids love to play in the water. Hence, this activity must be added to the games lists for the kids. Make different teams of kids and give each team a water balloon filled with a different color. Then the two teams come together for the war. It is great fun to watch this kind of war. Visit Empower Camp.


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