Tej Kholi Combining Technology, Investment and Philanthropy for a Sustainable World

2020 was a time in the world that changed the ways we have envisioned our lives, business, socialise, and everything in-between. For many, the limitations caused by the restrictions imposed by the lockdowns due to Covid-19 were a death knell. However, for some who had the foresight, it became a game-changer. One such person is Tej Kohli, who had the vision to understand how eSports would be the future and will overhaul sports and other businesses. The result is the world saw the angel investor Tej Kohli again and his passion for creating and championing something new.

One can learn immensely about how the future of eSports is shaping by following Tej Kohli. But what does eSports have to do with the sustainable work, eradicating poverty and curing blindness that Mr Tej Kohli supports and advocates? Well, eSports is one of the sectors where new technologies are being brought to enhance the field. It opens up new scopes and spaces for entrepreneurs and is a unique way to forge a successful career with degrees. With new minds in place backed by the investor Tej Kohli, who has an immense understanding of a range of investments like real estate, AI, biotechnology and even nano-technology, the path is made for creating a better world.

But that’s not all; from all these investments comes the much-needed funding for the famous philanthropist Mr Tej Kohli. The funds are then used to create a sustainable and economically viable society by fighting curable blindness in the underserved regions of the world.

Mr Tej Kohli has successfully created multiple philanthropic ventures over the years, but one area that has remained close to his heart is giving eyesight back to the people. Before his work with Dr Sanduk Ruit and forming the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation, Mr Kohli had started the Cornea Institute, where mission is to ensure nobody is blind due to the inability to afford treatment.

But that’s not all; as a philanthropist, he has dedicated his life to developing a better future. Mr Kholi has been a force to reckon with in accelerating innovation with the Tej Kohli Cornea Program. Research is being done to ensure breakthrough advances can be made to cure corneal diseases.

The best example of Tej Kohli combining technology, investment and philanthropy are by understanding the work done at the Tej Kohli Applied Research. The focus is on developing an accessible, affordable, scalable solution to corneal blindness and eliminating it by developing proprietary biotech instead of cornea donation or surgery. The process is believed to be a disruptor in medicine and eye surgery as it will help reduce the wait time in corneal transplants by one-third.

Tej Kohli is also bringing a smile to many with the Tej Kohli Future Bionics program. It funds the Bristol-based robotics pioneer Open Bionics to develop next-generation low-cost bionic limbs. It won’t be far-fetched to say that with this program, people can change their disabilities into superpowers.

The programs, investments and work done by Mr Tej Kohli highlight the sustainability that technology can bring to improve the confidence and the lives of the people around the world.

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