What Are A Few Frequently Asked Questions On Eyelids Surgery

Eyelids Surgery is a small yet complex process that most people try to get. A few people have fat above the eyelids or even excess skin on the eyelids. While looking good is a fashion these days, it adds more confidence to your personality. Hence, getting eyelid surgery to remove the excess skin or fat from the eyelid part is a standard process and doesn’t require much time. But there are More FAQs about eyes surgery (คำถามที่พบบ่อยหลังทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term Thai) that people keep searching on the web. Let’s answer a few of them.

  • What Are A Few Symptoms After Eyelid Surgery?

Bruising around your eyes and conjunctiva signifies eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is a small process, but its after-effects are more severe than expected. But there’s nothing to worry about as they are common for everyone. If you notice any extreme conditions, it’s better to visit the doctor for medication. Eye swelling is a prevalent symptom after eye surgery which might reduce on its own or sometimes on medication. Blurred vision is a symptom for a few people after the surgery. Blurred vision is due to the wax used during the surgery. Mismatch of eyelids is a consequence of eyelid surgery. Usually, these effects are reduced in 1-2 months, or they might take time. The doctors analyze the conditions and prescribe medicines as preventive measures. 

  • Is Eyelid Surgery Painful?

More FAQs about eye surgery will include this question, as most people are afraid of the pain. Anesthesia is given to the patient before surgery begins, and Surgeons try to calm the patient by talking and asking questions. Though the surgery isn’t as painful as it seems, the after-effects are painful. Stiffness or itchy feeling after the surgery is common. Bearing the pain is easy as doctors prescribe medicines. Hence, eyelid surgery isn’t painful, but its consequences are hard to bear.  

  • Is Doing Makeup Suggested After Eyelids Surgery?

A lot of products with chemicals are used in makeup cosmetics, and these chemicals might harm eyelids if not fully healed. Hence, avoiding makeup for two weeks after surgery is mandatory. In two weeks, the bruising and puffiness around the eyes disappear or reduce, making the skin reliable for makeup. While makeup is one of the factors, wearing a contact lens is also prohibited for three weeks as it might negatively impact the eyes. 

People need to know these are a few more FAQs about eye surgery. 

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