Why Should You Opt For Alar Amputation Surgery

Amputation Surgery is the incision operation to eradicate a part of a body or overall limb. Amputation Surgery is needed when a person gets a severe injury or infection on their limbs such as leg, arm, hand, toe, finger, or foot. Also, Amputation Surgery is recommended to cure diseases like Peripheral and Arterial disease(PAD). It takes a long time to get cured of the PAD disease and to overcome the lifestyle without a limb.

Suppose the health condition affects the whole body, and the severe injury or infection worsens with time. In that case, it becomes essential to opt for Amputation Surgery from an alar reduction clinic (คลินิก ตัด ปีก จมูก, which is the term in Thai). The most familiar Amputation Surgery occurs when infections are caused below or above the knee.

Due to inadequate blood flow or poor blood circulation, damages to the arteries, lack of oxygen and nutrients are also a reason for the tissues to get damaged, and infection rises that causes severe damage to limbs.

Why Should Opt For Amputation Surgery 

Because increasing infection and spreading through the limbs can worsen the body’s health and condition.

  • To hold the pain and for the recovery of the wound of the arm and leg.
  • To make the blood flow to that remaining part of the limb.
  • You should opt for Amputation surgery from an alar reduction clinic when there is severe burn, skeletal muscle issue, or fractured from vehicle accidents as limbs cannot be repaired.
  • Amputation Surgery becomes necessary when there is a cancerous tumour in the limb’s bones or muscles.
  • Disability or less functioning of the leg or arm can also be a reason to have Amputation Surgery.
  • When a person has Diabetes, and the wound or any infection suddenly increases, it becomes necessary to go for Amputation Surgery.
  • When antibiotics or other treatments are not even adequate for curing the body limb’s disease. 
  • Neuroma, a nerve tissue that begins to be thickener, is also a reason for Amputation Surgery.
  • To remove the diseased or damaged tissue from the body part or limb.


So, choosing Amputation Surgery from an alar reduction clinic is recommended to cure the limb problem and protect the other body parts from getting infected and damaged. It becomes necessary to take Amputation Surgery from the recommended Surgeon. This surgery provides the patient with a new Artificial limb for supporting the body part for movement. During the procedure, the Surgeon carefully handles the patient’s situation and frees them from pain by removing damaged limbs and nerves by sealing them off.

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