The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and there are fewer beachgoers. What do you think? The best time to renovate a pool is right now! If you’ve always wanted your own in-ground swimming pool, even if it’s in the dead of winter, planning a pool installation during the off-season is the best time to do it. If you live in Atlanta, here are a few reasons why you should start researching and contacting the available Atlanta pool renovation contractors right away. 

When the summer heat arrives, everyone wants inground swimming pools, and swimming pool contractors are at their busiest. Waiting until the summer season to plan for your swimming pool creates a slew of issues, including cost, scheduling, and quality. Start scheduling a pool installation now, and you’ll have a better selection of pool installation dates, better customer service, and your pool will be ready when the first heatwave hits. 

Atlanta pool renovation contractors have fewer customers during the winter months, and because business is so slow, swimming pool prices take a dip. Many pool professionals offer discounted rates during the fall and winter months, so start planning from September to February to get the best swimming pool prices possible. 

There are fewer construction projects taking place during the winter. As a result, permits are more easily obtained. Working with your swimming pool contractors in the fall and winter gives you a lot more leeway, so even if there are delays, you’ll have your pool installed and ready to go by summer. 

Inground swimming pool owners appreciate some nice landscaping to go with their new investment. And, if you finish your pool by the end of the winter, you can collaborate with a landscaper to have it finished along with your new pool. That means that with those low swimming pool prices, you can spend a little more and still enjoy your landscaped yard. In addition, you won’t have to tackle a landscaping project in the middle of summer.

Owners of inground swimming pools are always excited to throw their first party, and no one likes it when something gets in the way. Things that slow down the installation, such as rain, an inspection, the electrician, or a permit, can seriously derail your plans. However, if you install the pool in the fall, you’ll have nearly six months or more to plan for all of the spring events. In addition, if you want patio furniture or pool accessories, fall and winter are great times to find them on sale! 

If these value-for-money advantages haven’t convinced you that now is the best time to buy a pool, consider this. If a manufacturer intends to raise its swimming pool prices, they typically do so at the start of the new season. Furthermore, if you intend to finance the project, interest rates may rise as well. So, start looking for Atlanta pool renovation contractors today and you’ll have one of the best inground swimming pools next summer!




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