BBQs2U – OoniKoda For Great Home-made Pizza Making

BBQs2U is an independent retailer of a brand like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon, and Ooni in the UK. The BBQs2U family is passionate about barbequing, so they started the store in Pwllheli, Gwynedd in 2002. The family aims to offer BBQ buyers the best barbequing experience offering the best brands and even accessories.

Accessories are essential to take BBQing to the next level. The Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket – Classic Joe makes cleaning the firebox easy. It is designed from durable stainless steel material. The KamadoSpace Infinite Island is great for outdoor cooking. The table is constructed to offer users total satisfaction when they grill outside.

BBQ thermometers ranging from the simple probe to wireless smart varieties are available. Food safety is crucial and with BBQ thermometers you confidently cook food to perfection.

Homemade pizza is better than purchasing but it needs a capable pizza oven that can handle high temperatures. The OoniKoda is a gas-powered portable pizza oven that fits the need. It claims to create restaurant-style pizzas in 60 seconds. It is available in 2 different sizes – Koda 16 means you can cook 16” pizza, while Koda 12 cooks 12” pizza. It has an L-shaped flame that creates a waterfall heat transfer effect and better heat retention.

The design is sleek and easy to set up and clean. It is user-friendly. Turn on the simple knob to ignite and adjust the temperature control knob. The unit has an in-built safety device, which shuts the gas supply off automatically if flames blow out. The Koda is worth it, but needs a little learning curve to cook great pizzas consistently in terms of temperature management as well as turn the pizzas at the right moment.

Check the pizza turning wheel that helps to turn the pizza in the oven itself. The long handle pizza peel is great to put pizza inside the oven, but turning is a little cumbersome.

Invest in Ooni modular table and easily wheel the Koda in & out of the garage every weekend to enjoy homemade pizzas. The cleaning process is also hassle-free. There is hardly anything to clean. The temperature within the oven is so high that there is no need for sanitization. However, wipe the outside regularly as the dust settles, but other than this there is no cleaning needed, so it is great to have an outdoor pizza party every weeknight.

Even if the opening of the oven is shallow, it can accommodate a large roasting tray. Home chefs can cook pork chops, spatchcock chicken, steak, veggies, and more. So, a weeknight outdoor meal late in the evening under the stars can be full of varieties besides the freshly made pizzas.

BBQs2U is on Facebook, where they share every good or bad news with their followers. They even offer their fan base early access to upcoming freebies or discounts. On YouTube, the passionate BBQs2U adds visual content like how to use the Kamado Grill accessories like the Joetisserie, digital meat thermometer, and the ceramic pizza stone.