Why Does The Amazon Account Get Suspended?

Today the whole concept of e-Commerce has become very prominent. So many vendors are there on the web making their name in the e-Commerce world. Amazon is indeed one of the best platforms of eCommerce which accounts to be 90% of the suppliers. Hence, there are times when the Amazon account can stop working which can create massive issues. It is important to know how to recover the account for future.

When your account has been suspended, an amazon suspension appeal refers to the issue as “removing your selling privileges.” The gist is that Amazon is a private firm run under some (more or less) harsh regulations.

You may not have read all the conditions before going there to sell, or even if you did, you might not have interiorized, printed, and highlighted the most crucial passages. There have been issues that somehow, through discretion, have prevented you from achieving with your politics. Here are the most typical explanations for an amazon account suspended:

Poorly Performing

You are well aware of Amazon’s obsession with the customer, which is why they place a high value on ensuring that all of their sellers fulfil their commercial compromises in the most efficient manner possible.

The information is available since there is a substantial potential danger of performance-related suspension for everyone whose numbers overlap:

ODR (Order Defect Rate) measures the proportion of orders that may have gotten negative reviews, claims for guarantee vulnerabilities for A to Z, or customers who may have asked for a refund to their credit card. ODR should be less than 1%.

Pre-Fulfilment Refund Rate

The percentage of orders that you cancel before they are sent, for whatever reason, can only be attributed to the seller. No more than 2,5% should be present in the PCR.

Rate Of Late Shipments

The total number of shipments over a given period is divided by the number of shipments that were not timely confirmed. The LSR shouldn’t ever exceed 4%.

All those elements impact what we refer to as “Seller Performance,” which are the fundamental measurements that Amazon uses to assess our sales performance.

The good news is that you can always check the status of your account using the Customer tool, which you can access when you log in to your account. Here you will get help to know more about the causes of the amazon account suspended ban causes.

Distributing Unauthorized Goods

Typically, people claim that Amazon sells anything. you must know about the amazon suspension appeal. Everything that Amazon permits to be sold is sold on its website. There is a sizable list of goods that we could categorize as prohibited, and that does have a prohibition; should Amazon find any of these in our listings, we may have a problem. Or several problems.


Don’t make the solution sound too complicated while discussing it; strive to be specific and concise. Giving them 30.000 characters won’t make them take you more seriously; this would venture to argue that it might backfire.

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