What do children learn in kindergarten?

Kindergarten or preschool is the place where your children get ready for their schooling. When you look at children’s activities in the kindergarten, it may look like playing all day. But they do learn a lot and develop themselves in all possible ways. On this page, you can find information about the kindergarten syllabus and activities.

Basic development

Children at kindergarten develop various skills and knowledge in their preschooling process. Kindergarten mainly focuses on developing your child in the following areas:

Physical development: your children have the opportunity to practice motor skills that physically develops them as brisk child. These motor skills are classified into two types, namely, large motor skills and small motor skills. Where in large motor skills, your children are involved in activities with arms and legs. In small motor skills, children work with small muscles and fingers. These motor skills help in building strong bones and muscles. It also releases stress and brings back the activeness in children. Children also achieve physical control due to these motor skills.

Social development: it makes your children interact with others and learn behavioural skills. Here your children works in groups that help them achieve social development. Manners like helping others maintain friendliness, co-ordinating with groups are developed in your children.

Emotional development: teachers at kindergarten help your children to express their emotions and understand others emotions. It can develop the self-regulation process of managing their emotions.

Language and literacy development: herewith of teachers, children develop their language skills. This improves their reading, writing, and speaking skills with the language. Students develop listening and understanding skills.

Thinking or cognitive skills: your children learn to explore, observe, create and ask questions. They learn to do new tasks and solve problems. They also develop their planning skills. Teachers at kindergarten school highly encourage new ideas from the children.

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Syllabus and subjects of kindergarten

The subjects of kindergarten include 

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • creative arts and
  • Technology.

The syllabus of pre school learning involves the following things:

Speaking and listening: the speaking and listening skill develops by the interactions of teachers and students. The syllabus for speaking and listening developments includes the following practices:

  1. Exploring new vocabulary words.
  2. During field trips, they interact with various people.
  3. Children start expressing what they understand.
  4. Orientation classes which develop the listening skill

Reading: kindergartens have various stockage of storybooks and comics. By grasping and learning, cylinders develop their reading skills and understanding skills. This process includes several activities:

  1. Charting out the activities around the classroom and practising regular learning
  2. Teachers teach the pronunciation and sounds of each letter and combinations of letters.
  3. Explain the different formats of letters that they can use in sentence formation.

Writing: children work on various activities to develop their fast writing skills. This allows them to improve their handwriting and net presentation. To brink this in your children, the syllabus follows certain writing materials and dot figures. For the perfect handwriting in future, you can suggest joining your children at three years. Grab a kindergarten admission form to start your children’s learning process.

Bottom line:

Enrolling your children with the best kindergarten is a perfect kick start to your children’s learning process.




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